Kirk Franklin & Mali Music - Gimme That (LIVE)

Did anybody watch BET’s Celebration of Gospel?  Well, Kirk Franklin and Mali Music killed it!!!  When we first got Kirk’s last album the song that stood out for us the most was “Gimme That”.  It was our favourite first because we are HUGE Mali fans and we were amazed to see him featured on a Kirk Franklin track. This indie gospel act was on the rise it seems. Then we took one listen and loved the vibe, it was crazy. On second listen the words and message sunk in and it was even CRAZIER!  We even did our own cover because we loved it so much.  

Anyway, you have to check out this performance, let’s break it down:  

Song: Already crazy, well written and powerful!!!  

Performance: Are you kidding me? We love the all boys choir and drum line in the middle. It was simple yet impactful.  Kirk’s energy is MAD! Always! And Mali is very unique and ministers with serious conviction.  

Finally, in pure AFGM Style we must mention how clean Kirk kept it in his all black outfit. We were diggin’ the simple YSL V-neck.   All together, 6 thumbs up. (from all 3 of us)


@AFGMMUSIC styled by yours truly…
March 22, 2012 blackfashion


@AFGMMUSIC styled by yours truly…

March 22, 2012 andthejoytheybring


This post is a little different to my regular foodie posts, and you all must think I’m only inspired by food, hahaha, but that’s not my only inspiration in life. My work also inspires me, so much that I don’t always see it as work. Meet A.F.G.M (A Few Good Men), the Urban/Pop Christian band that I manage…they inspire me.  I’m inspired by artistic youth who are passionate about seeing their dreams come to fruition and it excites me to be a part of that development process. I see it as a gift from God to have the opportunity to pour knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and encouragement into the lives of others and to be a part of shaping their future.

I also work with another artist who’s fire to see social injustices brought to an end is also nothing short of inspiring and her future also seems bright when we sit and envision all the different directions she can take her music and how she can use that to fuel and be a platform for the causes she will represent.  You’ll hear more about her at some point.

My life is no where near perfect in the eyes of society, in terms of the ideals that a person turning 30 should have going on, but to be honest in my heart it feels perfect most of the time.  Not many people get to do what makes them happy in life. I love what I do and I have the best partner any lady can ask for. My husband is my best friend and business partner which is crazy sometimes but most times THE BEST!  I’m inspired by the artists I work with, my dog Toby is my joy. Seriously, if you met Toby you’d understand! My family is very supportive, I have some great friends and the most important thing is my belief in Jesus Christ. The powerful under current that keeps me going, pumped and motivated through every high and low.

I stand by this: FOCUS! = (F)ollow (O)ne (C)ourse (U)ntil (S)uccessful! - It may take time, but if what you are doing is what you’re called to do, and you’re in the right timing, it will work out. Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s. Keep the right people around you for wisdom, honest critiques and growth and delete the wrong people. You’ll be fine!

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March 20, 2012

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Style for a good cause
March 19, 2012 mlhrx

Style for a good cause

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March 19, 2012

We want to talk a bit about male grooming.


Yes, male grooming. The thing that’s forced upon you as a little boy, then when you are a teenager you could care less about it and then all of a sudden you’re growing into manhood and it’s necessary again.  It’s necessary because you have to apply for jobs, meet people, maybe meet a girl you are interested in and just for hygienic reasons. You don’t have to go over board and go to a spa. We don’t! Here’s how we do it, and on a budget. (since we are starving artists right now lol)

What’s male grooming all about?

Well, using things like lotion, lip balm, shampoo and conditioner, sun block, after shave, facial wash, etc. These things aren’t just for the girls! We just take 5 mins to do all of this.

1) SHAVE - Can’t do it yourself? Then find a good barber or a friend who can do it for you. Learn how to do your own maintenance. Find a good after shave for moisture and because it smells good. (Reemon is our barber, he keeps us in check)

2) Smell Good - Wear a nice cologne. We like Calvin Klein  - Euphoria, Obsession, Eternity, etc. OR get a body wash like Axe or Old Spice. Yes men use body wash!

3) Lotion - ok growing up in Barbados, where it’s really humid, as a little boy we never thought lotion was necessary, but it actually is and we all need to grow up some day. So use some.

4) Deodorant - this really should be standard like brushing your teeth and flossing, but just incase, this is a good thing to do ahaha! That was a 3 in one.

5) Mouthwash - Use it in between meals. Keep one at the studio or use it before a meeting.

6) Lip balm - Even in the humid Caribbean we need this. Some days can be dry.

7) Facial Wash - especially if you are prone to acne. There are many options out there for men.

8) Shampoo and Conditioner - once a week, especially if you’re in the tropics like us! We like the 2-in-1. Simple so!

9) Drink lots of water!

10) Exercise! Our trainer makes sure we’re always fit and eating well. 

That’s male grooming from a bunch of 20 something men figuring it all out.  Check out the pictures for the products.

Coloured socks…right up Reeco’s alley!

Pitti Uomo street style, by Tommy Ton for
March 14, 2012 gqfashion

Coloured socks…right up Reeco’s alley!


Pitti Uomo street style, by Tommy Ton for